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Ashwagandha is a useful shrub found in India and North America. Ashwagandha roots have been used for thousands of years by herbalists for helping with a number of health concerns.

Modern day scientists and medicine experts term Ashwagandha as adaptogenic herb due to its property to enhance tolerance for a number of factors, be they mental, physical or environmental.

Ashwagandha has been shown to be helpful for people suffering from anxiety. Ashwagandha, also have anti-inflammatory properties equivalent to that of aspirin.

Some studies also indicate that Ashwagandha may possess following qualities:

Anti-inflammatory Anti-Tumor Immuno-modulatory properties

Ashwagandha is also thought to influence central nervous system and systems like endocrine, nervous, and cardiopulmonary system.

Ashwagandha is also protective towards development of arthritis.

Ashwagandha Extract has been successfully used by many practitioners for curing cartilage degradation.

Ashwagandha Extract is also known especially for its adaptogenic properties (stress relief) and their ability to support adrenal function.

Ashwagandha Extract have been traditionally used for convalescence, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, geriatric debility, physical and mental stress, and insomnia. And for the brighter side, no side effects have been reported with Ashwagandha Extract.

It has been widely supported that Ashwagandha Extract may influence adrenal hormone activities. Ashwagandha Extract in particular is believed to interact with areas of the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system.

A recent study also suggests that Ashwagandha Extract trigger higher cholinergic activity within the human brain, which in turn enhances the retention capacity of brain, i.e., better memorizing power.

Ashwagandha Extract is also beneficial for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which is associated with malfunctioning of a particular section of our brain.

Studies also suggest that, Ashwagandha Extract may be useful as an complementary food during cancer chemotherapy and radiosensitization.

Ashwagandha Extract is also known to prevent stress-induced depletion of vitamin C.

Controlling Free Radicals Some experiments done with Ashwagandha Extract in controlled conditions also proves that, Ashwagandha Extract protects living cells from damaging effects of free radicals found in our body.

Ashwagandha Extract is also thought to be effective in treating hand swelling and arthritis. Ashwagandha Extract may also be helpful in reducing varying levels of anxiety and stress, hence leading to peaceful sleep.

Anti-stress properties of Ashwagandha Extract are also mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic literature. Ashwagandha Extract brings down the level of stress and anxiety by controlling secretion of hormones.

Ashwagandha Extract is known to reduce the free radical count of human body. These free radicals are comparatively more dangerous to brain and nervous system. By controlling the amount of free radicals in our body,

Ashwagandha Extract helps us gain a better mental and neural health. Free radical damage of nervous system can cause disease like epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and, Alzheimer’s disease.

Effects on the Cardiopulmonary System Ashwagandha Extract is also helpful in maintaining a better cardiovascular system. Ashwagandha Extract is known to control levels of cholesterols in our body which in turn is beneficial for our heart and blood vessels.