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Avocado Extract Benefits

Other known names for avocado extract are persea americana extract, and alligator pear oil.

Relatively new to the herbal market as a supplement, the avocado tree is originally from Central and South America. It was brought to California during the 19th century and became exceedingly successful there as a ‘cash crop’. A town in San Diego County called Fallbrook even claims to be the ‘Avocado capital of the world’ and holds a yearly Avocado Festival.

The avocado fruit is technically a berry according to the botanical categories containing a pit in the center. They are grown in an assortment of sizes and shapes. They can be the size of a pear or even larger while featuring the shape of a pear or more oval like in the shape of an egg. The exterior of the fruit is almost black or a very vivid green.

Sometimes the avocado will be avoided due to its reputation for being high in fat. It is important to be educated in the types of fats because some fats can be good for you!

The fat in avocados is monounsaturated fat (unsaturated fatty acid whose carbon chain has one double or triple valence bond per molecule) which is simple for the human body to digest and break down.

The name ‘avocado’ comes from the people of Central America and the word ahuacatl. The name eventually became avocado from the Spanish influence of the word. The Central American ‘ahuaccatl’ would often be combined with other words and eventually came to create ‘ahuacamolli’ which means ‘avocado soup or sauce’ that refers to the very popular Mexican dip, guacamole.

Cosmetic companies and herbalists alike have recognized avocado extract for its effects on the skin and hair. The natural avocado extract is used in alone or in hair care products to prevent dry hair and scalp, including conditions such as dandruff.

When used on the skin, the results have been reported to be softer, suppler skin. It moisturizes and can create an incandescent radiance from the skin. Many facial masks have avocado extract in them to nourish the skin while toning and cleansing.

Avocado extract first appeared as a supplement in 1983 but there was no substantiation to any health claims the manufacturers of the product could make.

Side effects in the early-standardized extract including diarrhea failed to enable a successful entrance into mainstream herbal markets.

Seventeen years later, a human study was done to record the safety and effectiveness of a controlled-release avocado extract preparation.

The findings from this study indicated a possible weight loss potential in the participating subjects when properly used. The most noticed and beneficial effect from taking standardized avocado extract is that the cravings for carbohydrates may diminish.

With the modern diet trends of removing certain carbohydrates from an individual’s diet, avocado extract could be of great help. Reported cases of experiencing the feeling of being full after consuming relatively few calories also support the theory of potential weight loss.

The typical daily dosage for avocado extract can vary per individual. It is best to review package instructions or consult your doctor, nutritionist or herbalist.

Although relatively new to the herbal marketplace, avocado extract is quickly establishing itself as a product demanded by today’s culture.

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