Bitter Orange Extract Precautions

Bitter Orange Extract Precautions

In recent years Bitter Orange Extract has gained popularity as a weight loss supplement.

Bitter Orange Extract is thought to be helpful in reducing body fats through stimulating the metabolism. Zhi Shi and Zhu qiao are other names for Bitter Orange Extract.

Bitter Orange Extract comes from Citrus aurantium, which grows in various parts of Europe and United States of America, but this plant is native to regions of Asia (used in traditional Chinese medicine).

Bitter Seville oranges are also used for extracting Bitter Orange.

Ephedra extract works in a somewhat similar way as Bitter Orange Extract. Health and nutrition specialists believe that Bitter Orange Extract may be safer than ephedra.

However, Bitter Orange Extract precautions must be kept in mind.

The supplement is claimed to help reduce the appetite, increase the production of body’s heat (thermo genesis), and reduce the transfer of carbohydrates into fat.

Bitter Orange Extract has also been used as an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal medication.

Recently Bitter Orange Extract is used as a weight loss supplement in hopes of increasing thermo genesis – body heat used to burn off the calories. Bitter Orange Extract has replaced controversial ephedra as a main ingredient in some diet pills.

Generally Bitter Orange Extract is thought to have fewer potential side effects than ephedra. However there are still some Bitter Orange Extract Precautions that should be kept in mind.

Various doctors are concerned about Bitter Orange Extract precautions. Before using Bitter Orange Extract as weight loss supplements, talk to your doctor and read and follow label directions very carefully.

There are some Bitter Orange Extract precautions that are very essential to know before using it for weight loss.

Though Bitter Orange Extract is generally considered safe, the question is how much Bitter Orange extract should an average person take. Do not exceed the recommended dosage as stated on the product label.

Expanded use of Bitter Orange Extract may lead to complications like over sensitivity to sunlight, especially in case of individuals with fair skin. This usually happens only if Bitter Orange Extract oil is applied directly to the skin and then uncovered to sunlight. But in very rare cases this happens to the person who is taking Bitter Orange Extract internally. A person should avoid sunlight or even bright light, who is taking Bitter Orange Extract.

Pregnant women should not use Bitter Orange Extract.

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