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Black Walnut Remedy

The historical use for a black walnut remedy made from the inner tree bark has been as a mild laxative. Various American Indian tribes boiled the bark in water to make a black walnut herbal infusion or tea, that was used for stomach troubles.

More recent interest has focused on the possibility that a black walnut remedy may help rid the body of parasites, lower blood pressure and prevent tumor formation in breast tissue.

Research conducted in the 1960’s at the University of Missouri found that black walnut extract showed promise as having possible anti-cancer properties.

The black walnut tree originated in Europe and spread to into most moderate climates of the world where it is used mainly for shade or as an ornamental tree.

The seed is widely known and eaten but the extract from the black walnut hull is what herbalists value, in addition to the inner bark. This is why you see black walnut hulls capsules for sale at health food stores.

It is said that the Romans were known to recognize the medicinal properties of the black walnut remedy. The walnut was thought to be the fruit that the Gods live on.

Black walnut hulls were used to help in the healing of wounds and to tan animal hides. Black walnut tincture was believed to assist in the healing of inflamed and damaged tissues.

Black walnut oil is also thought to be a vermifuge, which is a substance capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms such as tapeworm.

The tannin content, which is a complex of phenolic substances of plant origin, has earned the black walnut herb the label of being astringent (a substance that causes contraction of body tissues and canals).

Tannins work on a restricted area of the body to tone the tissues it makes contact with. They work by suddenly bringing on free proteins that are present in wounded or inflamed tissues. These properties may make Black Walnut extract useful in treating bowel conditions like hemorrhoids.

Herbalists also think that the acidic way tannins work create an environment in which alkaline loving yeasts and microbes cannot exist in the bowel and it may prevent them from infecting that region. The beneficial acid producing flora-like lactobacillus acidophilus does not appear to be affected by tannins.

The level of iodine in black walnut extract is considerably higher than most other herbs. Although the history of black walnut remedy uses doesn’t mention that the herb was used in any way as an iodine supplement, modern herbalists have noted success when using it as a thyroid stimulant.

The high level of iodine means that this herb should be used with caution and with the consultation of your physician and herbalist.

The various qualities of the black walnut remedy help this special herb to remain a popular plant that deserves further scientific study.
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As always, consult your physician and an experienced herbalist before taking any dietary or herbal supplement.