Bodybuilding supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are very popular today. More people are exercising than ever before. They are learning that to build up their body they need good nutrition.

Protein helps turn fat into firm muscle tone. Most protein shakes and meal replacement powders are made from whey protein concentrate, egg protein supplement or soy protein.

Some types that we have tried and feel are good quality include discount Myoplex shakes, Optimum Nutrition whey protein, Bioplex pure WPI.

Many smart fitness buffs also take a multivitamin and a fish oil capsule along with their protein drink. This way they get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, plus the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA from fish.

We get questions about “creatine herbs” and want to point out that it is not an herb. Creatine is a nutritional supplement. The celltech supplements creatine is one popular kind.

Two things we want to remind readers to be careful with are diet pills and energy drinks.

Some dietary supplements contain powerful herbs. While natural appetite suppressants do have their place in an overall bodybuilding supplements strategy, they must be used with caution. Always follow label directions.

Energy drinks are usually 100% carbohydrates and are mostly a some form of sugar. While it is important to keep yourself hydrated, you do not necessarily need a sports drink to do it. If you are trying to lose weight the sugary drinks will not help. A glass of water mixed with a splash of fruit juice is better for you.

The multivitamin we recommend is made by Xtend-Life. This same company also makes the highest quality Fish Oil that we have ever found anywhere. We are very, very careful about what we put in our bodies. This is excellent stuff that we highly recommend.