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Celery Extract

What are the benefits of celery extract, celery juice and celery seed?

Celery is a widely known vegetable that grows upright and usually takes two seasons to complete its life cycle. Most of the plant’s parts and extracts can be used, including celery stalks, celery seed, celery root, celery juice and celery oil.

Celery seed and oil are commonly used as condiments. It is used to flavor sauce, soups and even sausage. The perfume industry recognizes the seed’s oil as excellent in fragrances and pharmaceutical companies utilize the oil as well.

Celery seed extract oil is commonly cultivated in France where it is high demand for the perfume market along with the food industry where it is added to soaps and skin care products.

Another common ailment celery extract is known to be used for is in helping relieve urinary tract infections.

Some of the most common complaints it is used to help with are rheumatic disorders (of or pertaining to arthritis and gout).

An essential oil is present in celery extract that is believed to be responsible for its helpful actions. The oil is thought to be an antioxidant (substance that inhibits oxidation or inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides), antiseptic (substance that destroys micro-organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues) and anti-rheumatic.

Herbalists have been known to recommend drinking tea that contains celery seed extract in combination with other herbs like cayenne pepper, feverfew, white willow, meadowsweet, and thyme as they all may help support anti-inflammatory effects. Soups may be an ideal way to consume these ingredients for health purposes.

Another quality associated celery extract is that it might help to purifify the blood by creating greater urinary output and relieving inflammation and muscle spasms as a result of potential antiseptic properties.

There are many questions about celery. What is celery juice good for? The juice is a healthy green food drink. Some people believe this is a good form of celery for upset stomachs. What about celery and gout? This was claimed as one of the celery cures in the old west but so far no proof has been found. People do take it in hopes of relieving joint aches.

Another claimed benefit of celery seeds was hypertension relief. Others believe they can use celery to help support lower blood pressure.

Celery extract certainly deserves further study for its many purported benefits.

Let’s not forget, the celery plant also offers a delicious, crunchy snack. It is thought by many that celery has negative calories. In other words, your body supposedly burns up as many calories to digest the celery as the celery actually contains. This nutritional theory has yet to be proven, however celery is accepted as an excellent diet food by every nutritionist.


Celery extract should not be taken by people with kidney disorders or anyone allergic to celery. People with fair skin should avoid over exposure to strong sunlight while taking celery extract due to the photosensitizing nature of this plant.

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