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Cherry Extract

Cherry Extract Benefits

Cherries are commonly found in North America and were extensively used by Native tribes for their medicinal needs.

Cherry fruit can be eaten fresh or used in cooking applications. Cherry Extract is a naturally rich source of flavonoids. Flavonoids are very helpful in proper functioning of our body.

Cherry Extract also contains Calcium salts (Ca), potassium (K), lignins and useful tannins. Commercially available Cherry Extract is 10:1 extract and is considered one of the highest successful naturally potencies available.

Cherry Extract is capable for providing remarkable health benefits like fighting inflammation and hence preventing gout, a disease causing painful joints. The reason for painful joints disease, Gout, is excess of uric acid.

Cherry extract neutralizes uric acid. Cherry Extract is a rich source of flavonoids, chemicals that contribute to the proper functioning of capillaries, protein digestion, eyes, joints and arteries. Cherry Extract is rich in natural antioxidants, flavonoids having therapeutic properties for human body.

Health Benefits of Cherry Extract.

Antidote for Free Radicals: The flavonoids, found in Cherry Extract, act as antioxidants in the body, degenerating and destroying harmful oxygen compounds called free radicals.

Free Radicals are responsible for may critical diseases like cataract, Parkinson?s disease, and arteriosclerosis. A study has confirmed that Cherry Extract could actually reduce the risk of death from heart attack in middle-aged men with heart problems.

The more flavonoid-rich supplements like Cherry Extract that we consume, the lower the risk became of our heart disease.

Cherry Extract is also natural anti-inflammatory agent, which may help in reducing both the production and release of inflammation-promoting compounds such as histamine. This can be helpful to people with hayfever and allergies.

Cherry Extract is very much similar in functioning to anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen), antihistamines, and certain anti-asthma drugs.

This is why Cherry Extract is a natural food for help with allergies, arthritis, or any condition in which chronic inflammation is present, such as gout and arthritis.

Strengthening Capillaries: Flavonoids, present in Cherry Extract, strengthen collagen, the building fibers of connective tissue. Cherry Extract facilitates cross-linking of fibers themselves, by providing additional Flavonoids.

This is a self repeating process that results in a web of connective tissues that include tendons, cartilage, and other key structural tissues.

Cherry Extract also helps in strengthening the collagen fibers that are the basic structure of the vein wall. Extracts of cherries and blueberries are used frequently in Europe for treatment of varicose veins from past many centuries.

Is Cherry Extract better than Cherry Juice? There are often discussions like which one is better, juice or extract? Although you can always use Cherry extract, fresh or canned cherries, and cherry juice but cherry Extract is probably best. Juice is also a good source for flavonoids, but still Cherry Extract is more concentrated.

Some people recommend the use of Cherry Juice over Cherry Extract, however, beware of “cherry drinks,” which usually contain a scant amount of actual cherry juice and lots of water and sugar.

Possible Side Effects

There are no known side effects or adverse reactions associated with Cherry Extract.

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