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Cornsilk Herb

What is cornsilk herb extract?

Cornsilk is the name of the soft silky strands that act like a cushion inside the corn husk.

The part of the plant that is used to make the extract are the stigmas (the top end of the style where deposited pollen enters the pistil) from the female flowers that range from 4 to 8 inches in length. These pieces are quite slim, often mismatched, unscented and slightly sweet to taste.

Benefits of Cornsilk Herb

Throughout history, cornsilk tablets and teas have been used as a remedy for such things as urinary conditions and rheumatism.

This extract was also recorded during the 18th century as having been used for its diuretic attributes.

Some common ailments that people would turn to cornsilk herb extract to help with were kidney, urinary tract and bladder infections, bed wetting problems, cystitis, liver and gall bladder complaints.

Some other benefits of this extract include it being used to help with the symptoms of arthritis and gout (a painful inflammation caused by defects in uric acid metabolism resulting in deposits of the acid and its salts in the blood and joints).

Today there are clinical studies being conducted involving cornsilk herb tablets for its help with urinary and prostate problems.

Cornsilk tea is also commonly used today as a diuretic and it has also been known to be effective in helping with weightloss.

The extract is also still used to help children or older individuals with bedwetting problems.

Cornsilk might also help with renal colic, which is a sharp pain in the lower back that radiates into the groin, usually associated with the passage of a renal calculus through the ureter.

The urinary tract is thought to work well with cornsilk extract in dealing with disorders involving the formation of stones. Further studies are needed to confirm this hypothesis.

Other uses for cornsilk extract by herbalists are for cystitis and rheumatism. Cornsilk is also said to be an excellent source of the vitamin ‘K’ which has been known to slow bleeding.

For external use, cornsilk has been made into hand lotion and also cornsilk cosmetics. It is believed to be soothing to the skin.


Cornsilk extract is highly valued by many herbalists. It is readily available and is not known to be toxic in any way.

New ways to use corn are being invented almost everyday, including using it to make cornsilk cosmetics and makeup.

The most common use of cornsilk today may be for its anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect on the urinary tract, which are believed to allow easier relief of the bladder with less discomfort.

Cornsilk herb tablets vary in purity and potency. Be sure to shop for standardized extracts so you get what you pay for.

Men taking the herb for support of urinary and prostate health may want to combine it with lycopene (from red tomatoes) for optimum results.

Suggestions on Choosing a Quality Cornsilk Herb Supplement

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