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Damiana Herb

Damiana herb extract information.

Damiana is also known as turnera diffusa. It is a strongly fragrant shrub that is common to the northwest desert region of Mexico.

Damiana herb can also be found in the deserts of the southwest of the United States and several regions of South America.

The plant itself has leaves that are yellowish brown and have a distinguishable scent. The leaves are quite short at less than an inch long and blossoms with small yellow flowers.

The plant grows wild and prefers a hot, humid climate. Damiana is harvested in the summer when the plant flowers.

The Aztecs are recorded as having believed Damiana herb was a potent aphrodisiac, which is an agent that stimulates sexual desire. This legend seems to be the reason Damiana extract is commonly used in liquor and some herbal energy and longevity combinations sold at health food stores.

The continued and increased use of Damiana extract for this particular purpose is considered to be a testament to the possible value of the herb in this capacity.

Traditionally, Damiana herb has also been used by wiccans in their ceremonies. They believed that Damiana possesses powers as an aphrodisiac and that it can produce visions by burning the herb.

No concrete evidence exists that supports the possibility that sexual attraction or performance can be heightened with the use of Damiana.

Realistically, Damiana extract can be used as a blood purifier as it has several of the same qualities as parsley. The oil extract is bothersome to mucous membranes and that may be the answer for its achievements as a diuretic, blood purifier, expectorant and laxative.

Damiana herb extract is thought to impact the nervous system by performing as an anti-depressant to soothe nervousness, anxiety and mild depression. Damiana encourages a feeling of well being.

The extract also stimulates blood circulation in the body and can cause one to experience increased energy and possible weight loss.

Other ailments that traditional herbalists have been know to use Damiana herb extract for in healing are headaches, coughs, colds, nephritis, enuresis and dysmenorrhea.

As a blood purifier, Damiana extract has a very fragrant oil that is largely made up of terpenes, which are unsaturated hydrocarbon obtained from plants. This associates Damiana with the same chemical category of the compounds found in parsley and juniper.

These kinds of oils irritate mucous membranes and assist in the production while lessening the thickness of the fluids that are made by these membranes. For Damiana herb extract, this effect is most notable in the urinary and reproductive systems.

Typical dosages for Damiana use are 1 teaspoon of the fresh leaf, 0.5 grams of the dried leaf and 0.5 grams of the dried leaf extract, 3 grams of the alcohol extract and 2 ml of the water extract.

For hundreds of years, Damiana herb has been used on several continents as a natural way to encourage sexual energy for both men and women. In addition to that perceived quality, Damiana works on a number of ailments common to people every day.

Damiana extract is thought by some to be a way to fuel the fires of a relationship and also have on hand for its medicinal benefits.

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As always, consult your physician and an experienced herbalist before using any dietary or herbal supplement.