Discount Myoplex shakes

Where can you find discount Myoplex shakes? One great source of discount products is, of course, the Internet.

To save money, we find the best price and then buy in quantity to save on shipping.

Some gyms have shakes for sale but we recommend that you bring your own, as gyms often charge a small fortune for these kinds of products.

The EAS company has developed some excellent protein drinks. The ready-to-drink Myoplex and Myoplex light products are good tasting, high quality meals to go. We think of them as “fast food” that is good for you.

There are two kinds of these drink products. The pre-mixed and ready to drink kind, and the powder in an envelope that you mix yourself.

The protein powders are great for making a blended smoothie at home or at work.

However, when you are on the go, it is hard to beat the ready to drink Myoplex shakes in the portable package.

With just a shake of the carton and a pull of the tab you are ready to enjoy a good tasting protein drink that is also good for you. Even your kids will love these.

The Editors of this site drink protein shakes every day. Some are mixed in a blender and others are the packaged servings that we keep in the refrigerator.

Need to lighten-up a bit? The Myoplex lite shakes offer a lower-calorie treat that still offers the great taste.

You can save money buy buying a good supply of discount Myoplex shakes to keep on hand.Our refrigerator is filled with them right now. How about yours?

When you feel any food cravings coming on you can drink some protein and feel full. By having these in the refrigerator you won’t have the excuse of now wanting to mess with the blender.

We don’t sell Myoplex protein shakes, we just use them ourselves and recommend them to everyone who wants a good quality shake.

Thanks to Bill Phillips and the folks at EAS for inventing such a great product.

These shakes taste so good you’ll feel guilty eating them. But go ahead, they are health food that is slimming and good for you. This editor has lost weight and got a flatter stomach by doing the following every morning: Have a protein shake for breakfast, and be sure to take a super high quality multi-vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement such as the one we take called Total Balance along with the highest quality possible pure fish oil capsule for optimum health benefits. This routine works like a charm for us and I hope it does for you too.

Yours for excellent health,

The Editors