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Effects of Guarana

Effects of Guarana

Guarana is an herbal drink that contains a type of caffeine known as guaranine. This drink in made up of Guarana seed extract and it is nearly two to three times stronger than the caffeine used in coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Why is there so much difference between caffeine found in a Guarana drink and caffeine found in coffee, tea and soft drinks? It is because the Guarana seed is fatty (even in powder form) and is not easily dissolved in water.

The human body can’t absorb Guarana seed extract drink quickly, and it sometimes may take many hours to absorb. The Guarana seed extract drink is absorbed gradually, therefore the energy enhancement effects of guarana that are experienced from Guarana drink are not like that of coffee or tea with its rapid and quick drop off.

Over hours, Guarana keeps going and creating energy. One of the claimed effects of guarana is a cooling action that rejuvenates and relaxes, whereas other caffeine gives a short term energy boost up that over heats and excites the body.

The main reason behind this is that Guarana contains other components that modify the activity of this material. Memory is thought to possibly also be supported by ingesting Guarana seed extract.

Guarana seed extract might reduce the platelet aggregation and platelet thromboxane formation from arachidonic acid. This possibility requires further study.

Drinks made using Guarana seed contain tetra methylxanthine (as much as 5.79 %), a compound almost the same as caffeine.

Guarana also contains a quantity of theophylline, theobromine, and tannic acid, which is quite rich in saponins.

The main reason for long term effects of energy enhancement from Guarana drinks is the presence of saponin content. The heat produced in human body is also known as thermogenesis. It is part of the metabolic processes.

Guarana seed extract is generally used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, to stop smoking, for pain relief, or as an additive to soft drinks. Guarana seed extract also is thought to increase alertness, fights weakness, and aids stamina and physical endurance.

Some people drink Guarana seed extract as a health tonic. Guarana seed extract might be useful to reduce obesity as it burn the fat from the body. Guarana seed extract helps in release of stored fat from the body and allow the stored fats in the body to be turned into energy.

But there are some precautions regarding Guarana so you should consult your doctor before using it.

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