Quality Nutritional Supplements

Fish Oil Capsules

Taking high quality fish oil capsules is a handy way to get your daily omega-3 and DHA without having to eat too much fish.

Fish is good for you, no doubt about that. However, the FDA has issued a warning about eating certain fish such as mackerel and swordfish too often because they can contain mercury and toxins.

Purified, pharmaceutical grade fish oil is one of nature’s best nutritional supplements.

Capsules are easy to swallow and can be taken along with you in your lunch.

This supplement is good for your heart health, your mood, and your brain health. In fact, new studies indicate it may even help with Alzheimers.

Be careful to get only the very best quality fish oil capsules and avoid the cheap stuff that may do you more harm than good.

This is one dietary supplement where there is quite a difference in the quality and ingredients.


Some low budget fish oil may be made in third world countries from mackerel, swordfish, shark, cod, and sardines. The oil may or may not contain mercury and toxins. It may or may not have been kept cold so as not to become oxidized or rancid. It may or may not have been packaged in a plant that meets good operating practice guidelines.

Low quality, oxidized fish oil can actually cause oxidation in your body and make your health worse!

Why take the chance on cheap “mystery fish” oil products when the reason you are buying them is to improve your health?

Get the real thing from a trusted supplier. Look for high quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil that comes from a known source.

Even the US White House and the American Heart Association recommend fish oil for the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

The editors here have been taking high quality fish oil capsules for some time now and we recommend them to everyone.

The brand our research has named the best, and that we take and recommend, is made by Xtend-Life. These are without a doubt the absolute best, pure Fish Oil that you can find. They spend way more on their higher quality fish oil yet they keep their prices the same as other brands.

First off, they only catch fish off the leeward coast of beautiful New Zealand. This is not a shipping lane, the waters are pristine clean, unlike the polluted coasts of some industrialized nations.

Second, they only use one kind of fish, the hoki, which is naturally high in the DHA that makes fish oil so helpful to the body. This fish is healthy, not like mackerel or swordfish (which the FDA warns us to avoid eating), and does not have their problems.

Third they molecularly distill the fish oil to make absolutely sure it is pristine pure. They have complete control over the processing from when the fish is first caught to when the oil is packaged in capsules. There is no need to add all kinds of artificial preservatives like other companies do.

This is in stark contrast to other processors who may go fishing in polluted waters, catch a variety of questionable fish that the FDA warns about, process them mix their oils all together into some kind of witches brew, ship the oil for long distances in non-refrigerated ships and trucks, fail to molecularly distill the oil for purity and add all kinds of chemical preservatives. This oil can be oxidized and actually cause harmful oxidants in your body. Avoid this kind of fish oil no matter what.

Visit the Xtend-Life site and you will see why we are so impressed with their amazing fish oil capsules. Don’t buy any other fish oil until you see these facts. Be very careful which fish oil you use.

These super high quality Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil capsules can be of great benefit to you — while some others may be oxidized and do you more harm than good. Be careful out there…

Yours for good health,

The Editors