Foods rich in Vitamin K

Foods rich in Vitamin K

There should be sufficient amount of Vitamin K present in the human body to help with blood clotting. In this regard Vitamin K is essential.

Without sufficient amount Vitamin K in the body, even a small cut would cause nonstop bleeding and might lead to death.

In kidney function and bone growth and repair Vitamin K also plays a vital role as it is very useful to prevent kidney stones. Vitamin K may also prevent osteoporosis, according to some scientists’ studies on Vitamin K.

There are two major categories of Vitamins:

1. Fat soluble Vitamins 2. Water soluble Vitamins

Vitamin K belongs to the fat soluble Vitamins category

Fat soluble Vitamins include Vitamins A, D, E and K. In the human body these Vitamins are stored in the fat tissues for a few days (up to six months). But sometimes these

Vitamins are not stored in the fat tissues, if you get too amount of a fat soluble Vitamin, then these Vitamins are stored in your liver and might leads to health problems.

Vitamin K is one of the fat soluble Vitamins. It might lead to toxicity if a person takes heavy doses of these fat soluble Vitamins supplements You don’t have to worry if you are eating a proper diet of foods rich in Vitamin K. But you should always remember that you only need proper amounts of any Vitamin.

Sometimes to absorb these Vitamins it becomes very difficult for a person’s body due to some health problems. Major sources of Vitamin K. There are various Vitamin K supplements available in the market, but the most excellent sources of Vitamin K are dark, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, asparagus, beef liver, green tea, and cheese.

Generally the deficiency of Vitamin K is found in newborns babies. But sometime deficiency of Vitamin K is also found in adults. You can easily recover the deficiency of Vitamin K buy eating foods rich in Vitamin K.

There are very rare chances of Vitamin K toxicity. The effectiveness of medications like anticoagulants (which is also known as blood thinners) is also affected by taking extra dosage of Vitamin K supplements. Therefore you must consult doctor before having any dose of Vitamin K supplements.

If you eat foods rich in Vitamin K then there may be no need of taking extra Vitamin K. However most of us don’t eat as much of the vegetables that we should so taking a standardized supplement that contains some Vitamin K is a good idea.

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