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Hawthorne Berry Extract

Hawthorne herbs and Hawthorne Berry Extract.

Other known names are May, Mayblossom, Quick, Whitethorn, Thorn, Halves, Gazels, Hazels, Ladies Meat, Hagthorn and Bread and Cheese Tree.

Hawthorne herbs from the flowers and berry extracts come from a shaggy, bristly shrub or small-scale tree that grows with magnificent red groups of berries that are harvested in autumn.

The berries are used in making preserves and jellies. It is also used as an additive in flour in several areas of Africa.

Herbalists value hawthorne berry extract for its benefits regarding the heart, circulatory and digestive systems.

Hawthorne is individual to the region surrounding the Mediterranean including central Asia, all of Europe and northern Africa.

The ancient Greeks acknowledged the benefits of Hawthorne berries and were also mentioned by the Greek physician Dioscorides in his writings.

Hawthorne berries were used strictly as food by the African tribes until around the 19th century when it became recognized as a folk medicine.

The Native Americans were known to use Hawthorne berries to treat rheumatism.

Chinese medicine has another kind of Hawthorne herbs that can be used to aid in digestion.

The Hawthorne plant was seen in the past as sacred because in Christian customs, the plant provided the thorns preceding the crucifixion of Christ. Interestingly, a cluster of Hawthorne trees still remains a part of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Some interesting historical anecdotes include how Germans used the word ‘Hagedorn’ for the plant, which means ‘Hedgethorn’. The German’s used this plant to separate individual plots of land by hedges of Hawthorn and can still be seen today.

Herbalists value Hawthorne herbs and berry extracts for treating high and low blood pressure, arrhythmic heartbeat and rapid pulse. It is also used as preventative against angina pain and in coronary artery disease.

Hawthorne herbs act as a valuable diuretic with hydrops (swelling from an excessive amount of serous fluid in tissue) and kidney problems.

The berries and flower of the hawthorn bush are styptic and effective when boiled to cure a sore throat.

New research has focused on hawthorne berry extract in relation to heart health. The participating principles seem to be flavonoids (group of antioxidant chemical compounds) that slowly pursue circulatory and cardiac problems by making the blood vessels dilate (the coronary arteries in particular) and by aiding in reducing blood pressure.

Modern day herbalists recognize hawthorne extract for its benefits and ability to aid in basic heart nutrition and as being a rich source of antioxidants for blood vessel maintenance.

Many people take a small amount of hawthorne herbs every day for heart health maintenance.

Hawthorne extract has been used for centuries for its healthy attributes and continues to maintain its popularity to this day.

Cautions and Warnings

Hawthorne berry extract in small doses does not appear to be dangerous to the heart and also seems to have no additional effects.

To avoid tummy upset, hawthorn herbs should be taken in conjunction with a meal. Very high doses or overdoses of hawthorn can be gravely harmful. Follow label directions and consult your doctor before taking.

The best way to get hawthorn berry extract is as a measured part of a balanced multi-vitamin and herbal supplement formula.

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