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Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

The health benefits of bee pollen have been extolled for centuries. Two of the most commonly reported benefits are more energy and easier weight loss through natural appetite suppression.

Bee Pollen could be considered as a complete food. The benefits of Bee Pollen have long been known to mankind. There are references to Bee Pollen in both ancient and religious literature. There are no medical claims made regarding bee pollen. However it has long been believed to possibly restore youthful vigor to the body, stimulate organs and cause hormonal glands to secrete hormones, enhance vitality, and helpt to support anti-aging health protocols.

Some users claim bee pollen is capable of constantly and markedly raising natural energy levels. This reputation makes it a favorite diet constituent among many renowned world class athletes and sportsmen.

Bee pollen is richer in nutrients than cultured yeast and wheat germ. Bee pollen can be helpful in recovering from malnutrition and unbalanced nutrition.

Bee pollen is a naturally occurring substance so there is no or little scope of side effects unless someone has a pollen allergy.

In one study, it was found that mice can survive on a food consisting only of Bee pollen for weeks without any symptoms of malnutrition.

Bee pollen is a source of many vitamins inlcuding B Vitamin complex, and Vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Bee pollen is a natural energizer which has been used by almost all of the ancient civilizations around the world. Now-a-days, many athletes rely on Bee pollen for its energy release.

Anti-aging: A number of researches by individual teams and scientists has confirmed that Bee Pollen might be helpful in slowing down the process of aging.

Weight Loss: Bee Pollen has proven useful in some weight loss programs. Bee Pollen is recommended and used by dietitians all around the world. Some users believe Bee Pollen can accelerate the process of fat loss.

Increasing metabolism: Bee Pollen may also help in metabolism. Metabolism can be defined as the complex set of physical and chemical processes taking place within a human body or any other organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life.

During metabolism, complex substances are broken down into simpler substances to yield energy. Bee Pollen may be helpful in the dissolving and flushing of fat cells from our body, due to the percentage of lecithin contained in bee pollen.

Decrease in appetite: Certain studies confirm that Bee Pollen may also help lower the craving for food in some individuals.

Allergies and Bee Pollen: Bee Pollen can be helpful in preventing a number of allergies.


Talk to your doctor before taking Bee Pollen because it can cause a pollen allergy reaction. Bee Pollen can also be discomforting to those who are allergic to Bee stings.

In case of any reaction you should stop taking Bee Pollen and, consult your physician immediately.

Suggestions on Choosing a Quality Supplement

1. Be a careful consumer and buy your bee pollen supplements only from trusted sources.

2. Check the label to make sure your supplements do not contain any cheap fillers, additives, or artificial colors, etc.

3. To get your money’s worth and enjoy the benefits of bee pollen, make sure you buy only standardized extracts.

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