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Herbal Pain Remedy

Willow Bark

Did you know that aspirin started out as an herbal pain remedy? The original source was the bark of the willow tree.

In the past, people would boil the bark of various kinds of willow trees in hot water to make a tea. This herbal pain remedy seemed to also help reduce fever.

Herbalists and scientists found a common ground when it was discovered that willow barks contained a substance called salicin.

In the 1800’s salicylic acid was produced from the bark. This was then used to produce acetyl-salicylic acid, which was named “aspirin.”

Many people still use salicin or some form of it. Some like to use a topical analgesic cream such as Aspercreme, which contains Trolmine Salicylate, to rub on a sore knee and go direct to the source of the pain.

Bromelain Enzymes

Bromelain enzymes come from pineapples. These natural enzymes have been shown to help reduce and heal inflamation, swelling, soreness, bruises and injuries. Many people with arthritis take enzymes.

Wobenzyme is the most well known enzyme pill. In Germany it out-sells every over-the-counter remedy except aspirin. It is the second bestselling product. Now it is becoming very popular in the United States and in other countries. Wobenzyme contains bromelain and other enzymes.


Feverfew is famous as an herbal pain remedy for migraine headaches. It doesn’t seem to work for everyone who tries it. However when it does work it seems like a miracle to the person who finally overcomes their headaches.

Feverfew is widely used in England and has been the subject of studies published in the British Medical Journal.

Talk to your doctor before taking supplements. Carefully read and follow label directions. Pregnant women should not take Feverfew.

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As always, consult your physician and an experienced herbalist before using any dietary or herbal supplement.