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Herbal supplements are more popular today than ever. People have enjoyed the health benefits of herbs and plants for thousands of years. Now modern science is finding the reasons why these natural helpers work. Herbal supplements are made from a wide variety of herbs and plants. When taking herbal supplements, be sure to read and follow label directions. There are herbs for pain relief, for help in sleeping, for PMS cramps, for asthma, and for all kinds of other health concerns. When buying herbal supplements, be sure to buy only standardized extracts. Not all supplements contain what is claimed on the labels. Some have much less or more of the promised ingredients. Others may contain contaminants. Don't take chances with your health. Get standardized extracts. Our favorite supplement with standardized herbal extracts is Total Balance. The editors of this site have taken these products and found them to be very beneficial. Highly recommended. Some popular herbal supplements include: adaptogenic herbs What are they and how can they help with health issues? licorice root herb The use of this popular herb dates back throughout history. sage-extract Not just for cooking any more. celery extract Celery juice and extract are becoming more well known. sweet annie herb tumeric Countries that consume the most of this spice have lower cancer rates. Is there a food connection? California poppy herb This beautiful flower may help with relaxation and sleeping. stinging nettles herb Used for arthritis and prostate health. fenugreek benefits For help with blood sugar and cholesterol. beta glucan A food fiber used to support healthy immunity. hawthorne herbs Long sought after for supporting heart health. ashwagandha mahonia grape olive leaf extract gotu kola grape seed extract uses of red clover black walnut remedy cornsilk herb damiana herb bilberry extract avocado extract black cumin oil benefit of colostrum benefits of echinacea grapefruit seed extract pure African hoodia cactus orange peel effects of guarana seed wild yam extract artichoke extract valerian red yeast rice extract cherry extract kola nut health medicinal benefits of garlic herbal acne remedy herbal pain remedy detox herbs Herbal supplements are an important part of any health program. The editors of this site take a variety of herbs every day. A super high quality product that contains most of the herbs written about on this site is made by the Xtend-Life company. Their bestselling product is Total Balance, an enteric-coated herbal supplement that contains only standardized herbal extracts. The quality that goes into this product is so far above the average that you really owe it to yourself to take a look at it.