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Kola Nut

Kola Nut

According to recent studies by various scientists, Kola nut extract make a number of open neurotoxicological signs in a male albino rats. After eighteen weeks oral management of Kola nut extract to the rats, scientists observed that there is an increment in the total weight of the liver, kidney, brain and testis and the total weight of the body is reduced.

It only induced the activity of beta glucuronidase and beta galactosidase. Due to Kola nut extract intake the levels of serum phosphomonoesterases and entire cholesterol were significantly improved.

Kola nuts are the seed pods of number of evergreen trees or plants that are native to Africa. Height of the kola nut trees is as tall as eighteen meters (sixty feet) above the ground. Cola nuts is the another name of Kola nuts.

Most common species found in Africa are scientifically named as Sterculiaceae cola Vera. They are very commonly found in western Africa and the Atlantic coast area of Central Africa.

In regions of Western Africa, Kola nuts are very important for many African societies. In various parts of African and American tropics, Kola nuts are manufactured commercially. Generally it is known as an ingredient in cola beverages in various parts of the world (outside of Africa).

According to some previous evidence about kola nuts, Africans (in West Africa) were the first to make kola drink by mixed dry kola nuts with water. But now home made Kola drinks are very rarely found in Africa.

However store bought kola drinks are very popular. In late 1800 the production of kola drinks was officially started. In European countries and North America kola nut extract have become very popular as a supplement.

Kola nuts works as a stimulant as it is full of caffeine. Most of the people use kola nuts extract to reduce tiredness and hunger, aid digestion, and some believe it may also act as an aphrodisiac although there is no proof of this claim. The stimulant effect of kola nut extract is very similar to a mug of strong coffee or tea.

Though Kola nuts works as a stimulant – there are some side effects of taking Kola nut extract in heavy quantity.

More than one hundred reports have been received by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of injuries and adverse reactions by the product produced with the use Kola nut extract.

The FDA and outside medical experts have determined there are side effects of Kola nut extract and have issued a warning against using Kola nut extract in heavy quantity.

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