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Mahonia Grape Extract

Mahonia grape is a species of barberry (Berberis Aquifolium), that grewn in North America and was used by native Americans for many centuries.

Mahonia Grape is a wild shrub with leathery leaves, yellow flowers, and red berries in autumn. Mahonia Grape Extract is used to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Mahonia Grape Extract is rich in highly potent alkaloid, berberine, which is antiseptic. Berbine, contained in Mahonia Grape Extract can also stimulate the liver and spleen.

Mahonia Grape Extract also has the capability to protect the eyes from UV and sun damage. It is also thought to be helpful for strengthening capillaries in the retina. If used regularly, Mahonia Grape Extract may help slow eye aging, and help with overall eye health.

Mahonia Grape Extract is considered to be a good supplement for the liver. In years past, Mahonia Grape Extract has been used to treat liver malfunctions.

Mahonia Grape Extract has been thought to be helpful in treatment of skin diseases such as soriasis & fungal infections.

Mahonia Grape Extract has some other uses also like, mixing with other juices or extracts to give a more effective remedy.

Mahonia Grape Extract was mixed with fennel seeds to make a drink used for fevers. In early 19th and late 20th centuries, Mahonia Grape Extract was prescribed as a detoxifier and tonic.

Mahonia Grape Extract can also be used for curing appetite loss and debility. Different cultures and different schools of herbs prescribes different uses of Mahonia Grape Extract.

Mahonia Grape Extract is also used as preservative in some parts of the world. It was used by some Native American tribes for treating peptic ulcers. It was also used by some tribes to make an infusion to stop dysentery.

The basic nature of Mahonia Grape Extract is cold, (in language of herbs) so it has also been used to treat such things as fevers, hepatitis, and malaria.

Mahonia Grape Extract is also used today as a topical treatment for psoriasis. It has been also proposed as a treatment for other skin diseases, such as fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot), eczema, and acne.

Many studies have been performed on purified berberine, a major chemical constituent of Mahonia and other herbs such as goldenseal, but it is not clear whether their results apply to the whole herb.

Some suggestion was found after lab research that Mahonia Grape Extract may actually promote nutrient release to the brain and balance neurotransmitters, much the way ADD medications do but without the possible side effects.

Side Effects and Precautions

Mahonia Grape Extract is relatively safe when used as directed. In a large open study conducted by some free lancers, a small percentage of studied persons reported side effects of redness, and itching. This could be due to taking too high of an amount.

Of course if someone is pregnant or nursing they should not take any herb without consultin their doctor first.

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