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Orange Peel Extract

Orange Peel Extract

If you want to get relief from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach, you may want to try Orange Peel Extract.

The Extract from the Orange Peel will not decrease the mineral absorption or slow down the protein absorption of the body, as against the common misconception.

As compared to many antacids, Extract from the Orange Peel does not close down the acid construction nor badly affect acid producing cells.

The Extract form the Orange Peel should be uniform to contain a minimum of 97.99% of d-limonene. If you experiencing heartburn symptoms, you can take one softgel capsule of Orange Peel extract for first twenty days. Each softgel capsule usually contains 1000 mg of Orange Peel Extract.

After starting orange peel extract, nearly 89.99% of applicant reported resolution of heartburn symptoms in just 2 weeks.

Even on days 21, 26 and 34 applicant reported symptom resolution, yet they stop using the Orange Peel Extract. In simple words, the effect of Orange Peel Extract remained for 2 weeks against heartburn, after applicant stopped having it.

Rarely, after finishing the phase of treatment (the twenty days), some people may complaint meek heartburn after having spicy foods. Having only one Orange Peel Extract softgel capsule can usually solves this problem.

Working of Orange Peel Extract is subjected to continuous studies. The discovery of Orange Peel extract has lead to the development of a number of theories about how it may relieve heartburn.

After having citrus fruits and vegetables, including oranges some people experienced discomfort of heartburn. This problem (heartburn) occurs because citric acid is present in some fruit and vegetables.

The extract from the Orange Peel can give you some relief, as citric acid is not present in the orange peel.

Orange Peel Extract might lead to heartburn, if the food in the stomach stays for a longer period than required. The extract from orange peel can be very efficient and effective in shifting food through to the stomach.

Orange peel extract is a substance that cuts down the surface tension of liquids and it may reduce the latent for the fluid to splash up into the stomach.

Scientists have been researching other medicinal values of extract from the Orange Peel.

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As always, consult your physician and an experienced herbalist before taking orange peel extract or any dietary or herbal supplement.