Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract, also known as pynogenol, is made from the bark of the Maritime pine tree that grows in southwest France. It is an extremely potent antioxidant that has the potential to help the body get rid of destructive free radicals that can damage cells and cause health problems.

This extract is being widely studied for use in treating several different conditions. It is available in tablets, capsules, powder, or tea form.

Pine bark extract has been widely studied for over 35 years to learn the different conditions that it might help with. It has been used in folk medicine around the world for hundreds of years.

In fact, it has been widely speculated that a tea of pine bark and needles was served to early explorers who were suffering from the symptoms of scurvy over 450 years ago.

Benefits of Pine Bark Extract

This extract may help the body to remove the destructive free radicals that can damage cells and cause health problems. It may help in inflammation and swelling of the body and has the potential to help reduce bruising, gum disease, PMS and menopause symptoms, and eye conditions.

It is thought to also protect and strengthen connective tissues and help with the elasticity of skin by keeping it smooth and supple.

Pine Bark Extract might help even keep blood cells from sticking together, which could help prevent stroke or heart attack. Further studies are needed to validate these many potential uses.

Studies are being done researching the use of pine bark extract in relieving asthma symptoms, high blood pressure, and the pain of endometriosis. Some studies are even being done using pine bark extract in the treatment of diabetes.

Side Effects of Pine Bark Extract

Some people should not take pine bark extract without checking with their healthcare provider first. This list includes children, pregnant and nursing women, as well as anyone with an autoimmune condition.

Recommendations For Pine Bark Extract

If you wish to support your cardiovascular health, check with your physician to see if pine bark extract may be right for you. Pine bark extract is a fairly new supplement that looks very promising.

Choosing a Quality Supplement

When purchasing your pine bark extract, check the label to insure that the active ingredients are standardized extracts.

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