What Is Reservatrol? Reservatrol is found in a wide range of edible plants, particularly in grapes. It is famous as being one of the best antioxidants.

It is believed to help destroy the free radical damage that are thought to be potentially linked to several health problems.

Reservatrol also helps to decrease the stickiness of blood platelets and helps blood vessels to remain open. It also contains many anti-inflammatory properties.

The History Of Reservatrol

Reservatrol was first discovered in 1940 as a constituent of the roots of white hellebore. Since then it has been discovered in various plants including grapes, berries and in peanuts.

Research into reservatrol is ongoing due to the possibility that it may indeed be beneficial in fighting cancer due to its anti-cancer and anti-aging capabilities. Only time will tell. It has also been linked with the support of healthy vision.

Benefits Of Reservatrol

Studies are ongoing into the many benefits of reservatrol particularly in the areas of cancer and heart disease. Studies have indicated that reservatrol may indeed possess anti-infective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In recent studies carried out on cancer prone mice it was noted that reseveratrol helped to reduce the occurrence of skin tumours in these mice.

Reservatrol also has oestrogen like properties and might therefore be helpful in the treatment of breast cancer. Research into this is ongoing.

Reseveratrol is also extremely useful in the treatment of artherosclerosis. Recent studies have also shown that reservatrol can help limit the effects of cardiac fibrosis which is the hardening of the heart tissue that can occur when a person has high blood pressure or heart failure.

Studies into the health benefits of reservatrol are continuing on a worldwide basis. Studies have indicated that in the treatment of cancers reservatrol is unique because of its ability to attack and fight against cancer in all three stages of the cancer process; those being initiation, promotion and progression.

Researchers also believe that it is the reservatrol in red wine that is responsible for its cholesterol lowering effects.

Clinical studies have also suggested that a diet filled with reservatrol rich foods can result in the reduction of cardiovascular disease and lower total cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Reservatrol Side Effects

There are no known side effects of reservatrol at this present time and research into this antioxidant is ongoing.


A glass of red wine provides reservatrol, but it also provides alcohol and calories. Reservatrol is also available in supplement form and without the alcohol and calories.

Red wine taken in moderation has been shown to be effective against heart disease but it can not be recommended for everyone due to the risks associated with drinking alcohol.

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