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Valerian Root Facts

Valerian root extract is an ingredient in many herbal sleep remedies and muscle relaxation formulas.

Not only is Valerian root extract a beneficial herb in a time of stress and anxiety, the herb also has a high content of calcium. Valerian root offers a natural way to help calm the nervous system.

Other known names for Valerian root extract are valeriana officinalis, phu, all heal, great wild valerian, Amantilla, Setwall and Setewale Capon’s Tail.

Native to England, Europe and the United States, Valerian is specifically cropped in Holland, Germany and England. Valerian has other varieties that are individual to China and the Far East. Another set of varieties is native to South America.

The first thing you notice before exploring Valerian root’s medicinal qualities is the smell of the herb. The odor has been described as a cross between rotten cheese and sweaty gym socks. Some supplements are coated to prevent this aroma.

The first time Valerian was written about was during the 9th and 10th centuries. Anglo-Saxon works of the 11th century also mention Valerian as a drug. Valerian was used in the past as a drug, spice and perfume that was believe to be an aphrodisiac.

Benefits of Valerian Root

Valerian root extract has conventionally been used as a nervine, antispasmodic and stomachic. Successful results were reported when using Valerian root extract in cases where the chief cause of trouble is emotional or mental as in cases of a hypochondriac or hysteria. It was also successful in helping with migraines and insomnia in addition to depression.

History reports that the women in Germany would take Valerian along with their coffee, which resulted in a lack of nervousness or irritability.

Valerian behaves as a soother and depressor of the central nervous system. Although once questioned to be a narcotic of some kind, there is no proof that it is habit forming.

It serves as a beneficial treatment for nervous conditions. It increases heart action and temperature, and helps stimulate circulation, secretion and peristalsis for the stomach and intestines.

The body does away with Valerian root extract through the mucous membranes of the kidneys, bronchial tubes and genitourinary tract.

The chief antispasmodic (substance used to relieve or prevent spasms (especially of the smooth muscles) element is valerianic acid. It is a thin, oleaginous liquid that contains the bad smell mentioned earlier.

The calming effects are allowed by the alkaloids called valepotriates. In addition, the alkaloids are antibacterial, antidiuretic, and have the potential to prevent liver necrosis.

Valerian Root Side Effects

Although the toxicity of Valerian root extract is low, in large doses it can cause mental excitement, headaches, visual illusions, restlessness and agitation. Use with caution and follow label directions.

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