Vitamin E Uses

There are so many vitamin E uses, it is almost astonishing. It is a very important part of your daily vitamin regimen.

This dietary supplement is most famous as a natural antioxidant that helps your circulation and protects against heart disease.

Other vitamin E uses that are being studied include its renown for increasing the body’s feeling of energy, boosting the immune system, balancing cholesterol, promoting smooth skin, helping the blood vessels in the eyes and brain, healing wounds and scars, relieving muscle cramps, easing arthritis and joint pains and fighting infections.

Other vitamin E uses include putting the oil directly on cuts, sores, rashes and skin problems. Vitamin E oil capsules can be cut open and the oil applied directly to the skin. Some people put it on their cuticles at night. Others coat a cotton swab and apply it to the inside of their nose if it is raw from sneezing or the flu.

Many of the medical studies use 400 IU of natural vitamin E. Of course a two hundred and fifty pound person will use more than a one hundred and twenty five pound person.

Natural vitamin E comes from vegetable oil, while synthetic comes from petroleum chemicals. It is pretty obvious which kind your body would prefer.

The best way to get this vitamin in a supplement is when it is a natural kind and is a measured part of a balanced multi-vitamin and herbal supplement formula.

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