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Ask your health care provider for vitamin advice and he or she will probably tell you to avoid the cheap grocery store vitamins, and instead to use the absolute best quality nutritional supplements because your health depends on it. Why take chances with your health?

Doing this one easy, simple thing every day can have so much positive support for your overall health.

We searched the world to find quality nutritional supplements that we could take ourselves and recommend to our family friends and readers. There were a few pretty good ones and an endless number that were not so good.

The best ones had to meet certain requirements.

Affordable: We wanted supplements that were affordable and provided good value.

Quality Control: We would only consider formulas that were made under a strict regulatory environment to ensure quality.

Standardized Extracts: To pass our vitamin advice test, supplements had to contain standardized extracts.

Balanced Formula: We wanted a carefully designed matrix of ingredients that were balanced in proportion and worked together in harmony for greater efficacy.

Amino Acids: We searched for a formula that included amino acids. Most multi-vitamin supplements do not.

Food extracts: Such as immunity boosting extracts from beta glucan, maitaki mushroom and aloe vera.

Helpful Herbs: We wanted a formula that included many helpful herbal supplements to support important health issues.

Satisfied Customers: We wanted to see that other smart people had read consumer supplement information and chosen the product based on facts not on some television commercial hype.

Guarantee: To be approved by us, this daily supplement had to come with a complete moneyback guarantee.

We looked all over and weeded out a lot of products until we finally found a line of excellent nutritional supplement formulas we can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone.

The company we recommend is Xtend-Life. For example, their Total Balance formula, which includes amino acids, food extracts and healthy herbs. Very few of the other products you hear about in other vitamin advice include these important amino acids, food extracts and herbal supplements.

They also have the best Fish Oil product in our opinion. We have yet to find anything that can compare. There are products for men, women, for mental health, lower cholesterol, arthritis, energy and weightloss, etc.

Unlike most supplements which are made by contract manufacturers, all of Xtend-Life’s products are made in their own facilities which enables them to rigorously control the quality of all raw ingredients and to comply with GMP standards.

Best of all, everything has a one-year moneyback guarantee. This was one of the toughest requirement and almost no other company anywhere offers that.

The purity and potency of the active ingredients in every batch are certified by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which is always kept on file.

The company also follows rigorous quality control standards.

The women’s formula has additional nutrients which help support womens health issues such as hormone balance and PMS symptoms.

The men’s formula has added ingredients to support prostate health and much more.

The company also offers a Cholesterol health supplement that is very popular. And there is a Bee Pollen Extract that many people say helps them feel more energenic and helps them lose weight.

If you are looking for dependable vitamin advice, we recommend these affordable, honestly made, high quality nutritional supplements from this family owned firm.

Take a visit to their website. They list the ingredients, answer frequently asked questions, quote clinical studies, offer a free diet plan and more.

They even have a toll free phone number you may call to get vitamin advice and answers to your questions about supplements.

If you are only going to take one daily nutritional supplement, try their very complete and balanced Total Balance formula. Click here to learn more about Total Balance.

We have taken the Total Balance, Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil and other products ourselves, as have many other people we know, with excellent results.

Best wishes for optimal health.

The Editors